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We love working on the bigger books and catalogues, it gives us something to really get our teeth into. This is quite a specialist area of design that can involve some complex layout, a thought to user experience and make sure your intent is clearly conveyed and is easy for the reader to navigate.

Where possible, we like to sit down with you — the author, publisher, content creator or business owner — to ensure we have a good understanding of the overall plan brief. We then layout the content in stages for you to review.

Some documents may include a vast array of product images, illustrations, graphs, information tables, exercises and even games. Some can even have accompanying CD ROMS, which we can produce, in house - subject to brief of course.


Our catalogue design capability is highly innovative. We have devised and used a proven and tested “merging” system that cuts data entry in half and makes for more accurate data transfer as the information is only handled once not twice and can reduce the design cost of other traditional designers. Suited to all types of documents with highly repetitive data.


It is recommended that we organise or assist the printing of books, catalogues and other multi-page publications. As there is a solid investment in the artwork — let's get the whole project right. Our printing prices don’t cost the Earth. We are print brokers and negotiate the best deals and have access to trade prices so you win.

Once your booklet or catalog document is designed, we can put it online in a page turning book-like format for your clients to view at any time.

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  • Once your multipage document is designed — even if we didn’t design it — we can put it online, in a page turning book like format for your clients to view at any time.
  • Send us your word document or pdf > we press some buttons > we give you the link > done!
  • We then also give you some code, so you can put it on your website.

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