advertising for magazine, newspaper, trade publications & websites

We design a lot of magazine, newspaper and web banner ads and we can do them very quickly if the need arises. We can also assist you with writing headlines, choosing images and copy editing if required.

What’s in it for you.

  • You get a team of experienced designers that have worked on ads for various publications.
  • You will get questioned on your headlines, content and call to action
  • You can feel at ease that your ad will be prefessionally designed and meet all the stringent technical requirements that get imposed by various publications

Some good qualities of advertisements are;

  • Make sure it is clear what you are selling
  • Keep it simple with one core message and good headline,
  • Strong image and/or clearly written succinct copy and
  • Have a strong call to action pointing to your preferred contact details.
  • You should have a way at your end to measure the results
  • We can add QR codes to your ads too - as well as build you a website landing page if need be.

Here’s what we need:

  • Please come prepared with all the relevant details including the publication specs.
  • the actual size in mm height and width <<IMPORTANT
  • Will the same ad go into different publications? Eg the leader have glossprint and newprint. They are DIFFERENT sizes. Let us know when you order your ad.
  • proofed and correct text and images etc
  • all the details of the booking
  • the deadline
  • the publication it’s going in
  • a contact at the publication
  • and a booking number if you have it
  • Often bigger publications will have a media guide with all of this included — get this to us, as it is a big help.

Contact us now to get your ad out there! Phone: 03 9598 9220

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