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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Improved perception improves brand performance. If others understand you easily, they will buy and recommend you easily.

Your brand must deliver your promise, your vision, have meaning, be different, be sustainable and have longevity, be easy to understand and give you and your clients value, you must be able to register your brand, names, domains & ideas.

Branding and the reason to invest:

  • Makes it easier for your customer to buy
  • Makes it easier to generate sales and for your sales force to sell
  • Makes it easier to build brand equity and value in your business
  • Makes your message easier to communicate
  • Helps create integrated systems of consistency
  • Helps in any merging exercises

For a brand or rebrand to be successful, you must know who you are, who you deal with and who you are up against. We help identify some of the characteristics and personality traits and simplify  it into a unified and clear message.

Branding successfully has a process:

  1. Research
  2. Strategy
  3. Identity Design
  4. Create collateral touchpoints
  5. Management
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