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Brochures, flyers and printing

Monday, July 16, 2012

brochures and flyers

This is the bread and butter of our business. You may have a big event, a small local group, have a product range, offer specialist name it, the list is endless of what you can have a brochure or flyer for. Like businesses, brochures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have a big range of samples that we can match to your message to and help target your audience appropriately. However don't just do a brochure for the sake of doing a brochure - talk to us first, there needs to be a reason and strategy behind it.

Our motto in-house is “function over design — if it doesn’t function first, it’s either art or garbage”.

We make sure that your message is clearly communicated, has function and looks good too!

let us take care of the printing for you as well.

What good is a design firm without knowing about the printing and production side of things? We match printers and production to your job and budget. We have years of experience in choosing the right method and supplier for your job. If there is a job we can’t do or haven’t done before, we know someone who can or will find out for you!

We guarantee the work that we commission for production externally. You are welcome to use your own suppliers — but you are on your own and miss out on the benefit of our expertise and guarantee. You are left to deal with the trouble that can sometimes come with going for the cheap or “I-have-a-friend” option.

As we do a lot of printing, we have built up strong relationships with our printers and suppliers. When possible, we can arrange for special deadlines and have stronger negotiating powers than if you were to do it yourself.

Call us now to get your brochure or flyer designed and printed. 03 9598 9220