pricing policy

Creative work is not always black and white and is highly subjective and creating a solid pricing structure isn’t as straightforward as you may think. We have set prices for some regular clients, we have hourly rates for most work and we can work with a budget that you set.

Goalposts can move during projects, your taste and opinion can differ daily or you can just straight out change your mind — where does that leave us? What you are buying from us is our time along with our expertise, so please take this into consideration during a project and the effect it may have on outcome.

Through our experience, we can give you an educated estimated price guideline - see our terms and conditions for more detail.

Once any job starts whether requested in writing (preferred) or verbally, we keep detailed timesheets, upon written request can be sent to you at any stage. 

Printing and other production prices are a little easier to quote, as there are quantifiable elements to draw from. Often once a client starts working with us, we find they will trust us to do the job in a timely manner at a fair price.

Stock images are considered extras on top of any estimated pricing guidelines depending on the brief. There is also a considerable amount of time to search for stock images - we will sometimes brief you to look for them otherwise our time is billed accordingly and generally not included in the quotes.

At the end of the day, we appreciate working for you. It’s in our best interest to try and see things from your point of view and make sure you're looked after. Our business has grown steadily based solely on referrals and good business practices, so word of mouth and being good value for money is very important to us.