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Offset and digital printing, signage, merchandise and other production services

We can print just about anything on anything (or know someone who can)

We get trade prices to onsell at competitive market rates. We do a lot of ringing around on your behalf to get the best deal for you and to make sure you are getting a realistic and good price.
We have interviewed, tested and built up long term relationships with a variety of specialist suppliers and work well with them. Sometimes we can organise special deadlines. As design compliments production so closely, we offer it as an inclusive part of our service.

With our experience, we know the right questions to ask and can generally identify any potential hurdles, usually before they happen.
We even sometimes get you involved in the process by inviting you to press checks - so you can actually see your job on the press. Generally for the larger runs.

Why choose us for your printing?

  • We have a good network of trusted suppliers and know that printers are not one size fits all
  • We have experience in a cross section of print spheres
  • We guarantee our work*
  • Our prices are very competitive
  • We can look at your overall design/print budget and consolidate it all
  • Some of our design savvy clients will use us just for printing only!

Types of our typical production services offered are: (but not limited to)

  • From 1 digital copy to 100,000++ offset copies: such as the printing of brochures, catalogues, price lists, directories etc
  • One off to small digital printing runs: such as posters or simple office flyers
  • Business cards, stationery, envelopes and presentation folders
  • Specialist embossing and finishing options, custom shapes and printing on unusual materials
  • Promotional products: t-shirts, uniforms, coffee mugs, custom USB sticks, bags etc
  • Signage: A-frames, pullup banners, vehicle wraps, internal office and external building signage, printed banners, signage and printing for trade shows, corflute signs, billboards and more...
  • Merchandising: t-shirts, balloons, pens, bags or anything you want to put your logo on.

We save you headaches along the way. We always do our best to give you the highest quality result. If there is a job we can’t do or haven’t done before, we know someone who can or will find out for you! It is worth noting we are happy to use your own suppliers if you are happy with them - you never know we may add them to our list of preferred suppliers!

For some of the fine print, please visit our terms and conditions page and see point 8.

*Please read NOTE ON COLOUR:

Colour is difficult to guarantee as there can be many variations even when using the same printer for a reprint of the exact same job. Stock, paper and different materials all behave and reflect colour differently. We generally allow a 5% +/- variation as an acceptable tolerance for gloss paper offset printing. We have experience in controlling the result and will advise you where we may see some potential problems.

IMPORTANT: Also be extremely wary on judging colour on your screen or on your office printout. Offset, digital, large format and screen printing will look different and in some cases may not be what you expect - we are here to help! It would also be a good idea to read our blog on colour - click here.

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