working with us


Working with us

Tell us what you want

A good brief from you lays the foundation for a successful project and helps us quote more accurately. The more you overindulge us with information the better the job we can do for you. Read our blog on briefing.

Our good tactic is to give us a rough mockup of what you’re thinking and samples of what you would like it to look like. This gets us immediately on the front foot and on our way to a successful outcome.

Do you have the time?

There will always be some homework for you. Please take the time beforehand to collate all your materials, text, thoughts, plans, ideas, samples and production requirements. And take the time during the process to work with us on getting the job done - all feedback is good feedback.

You know your business better than we do — help us help you. If you give us your time in this regard, you will have a job that you will be happy with and on budget.

Let us take care of all things design

Our designers are qualified and experienced and will think of some things that you may not have considered. We will always give you our best and will always try and give you what you want. When properly briefed by you, together with our experience and expertise, we will work with you all the way to get the best result.

How much will it cost me?

Design is not as expensive as you think. We are positioned in the middle of the road, not St Kilda Rd though :) We want to be accessible to all businesses from startup to national organisations. Help us with all the information we need — then life is easy! We can then give you an informed estimate based on your brief and production needs.

A Basic Design Process


A brief can come a few ways depending on the size of the job. If it is a new and complex job, it is preferred that you come in and meet with us to give us all the relevant information, define milestones, deadlines and outline production requirements. Sometimes more that one meeting is needed. A good brief outlines the foundation for the project, gives background, defines target audience, identifies competitors, sets strategy and goals, production requirements and so on. This allows for accurate quoting and sets a charter of expectation. Sometimes it is identified that a half day workshop is required - click here for more info on our "Brandvertising Workshop"

  • During this stage we can identify any potential obstacles and allow for workarounds.
  • For us to get started, you will give us; content, images and other relevant material as digital files and printouts if you have any.
  • For the smaller jobs and repeat clients, usually a phone call to chat through the job, followed up by an email with any specifics along with permission to start your job – no extra forms - simple!


  • Based on your brief, we will come up with a creative response which consists of research, concept development, design refinement and drafting processes, approval and delivery.
  • As design and creativity is highly subjective, and on occasions, even with a brief it can be difficult to “read your mind”. Draft 1 may not be what you were thinking. In this case, please persist and communicate with us. Often we have tried other creative alternatives that were not presented or we can create a more tailored response based on your feedback.
  • Drafts will go back and forth until approval is given - this is chargable, so try and give good specific feedback. We generally aim for 3 drafts as our guide.
  • Once you agree and sign off on a draft, we create production version. YOU must proof your job BEFORE we send it to production, we do our best to make sure spelling etc is right, but once the final content has gone to print there is no turning back. You are responsible for any content that gets printed, used or goes live.
  • Also be sure to confirm with us any final production specifications, such as; quantities, type of stock, folding and delivery details etc.
  • Once production is underway your job is invoiced.

Process Outline - Web based jobs

  • Initial briefing and design process as above. This will include scoping of ideal features, content and site map. We have processes to help you with this.
  • You need to write the all the basic content based on the sitemap you create.
  • Once a scope is quoted on and agreed upon, with your content received, we will then begin the creative process and present you with a jpg image mockup of the website look and feel.
  • Once “look and feel” is agreed on, an actual working prototype website is built for development, testing and review.
  • After review, you may request any revision to content or structure. Any major changes to the structure or design are best made at this stage. Some changes or requests may go be beyond the scope of the estimate and may occur extra charges that will require a new quote or estimate.
  • Agreed final changes are made and the web site is made “live” on the web.